We are not simply tailor-making your suit, but also providing you an unparalleled bespoke experience by fulfilling every details you desire on your ideal outfit.

Quality and Value for Money

Fabrics selection matters a lot if you want your suit to fit in comfortably and last long. Cosmo Circle offers wide range of fabric qualities and options that clients could find what they like within their budget range.

Numerous high-quality brands of fabrics are here for you to choose from, including Ermenegildo Zegna, Holland & Sherry, Loro Piana, Reda 1865.

Accuracy Brings Good Fit

Accurate measurement is the key of making a nice looking and good-fit suit. Cosmo Circle experienced staff will take your body measurements precisely part by part. Then you could make a call on the cutting whether you like slim fit or easy fit or any special preferences on the fit. 

Let us know how you want your jacket to fall on your shoulders and how you want your pants to fall on your dress shoes.

We could accomodate your preferences and make you the most comfirtable and fit suit. 

Fitting Mould for Perfecting the Fit

Every detail matters a lot in our tailoring service. Under certain cases, a fitting session is required several days after the measurment during which a 'fitting mould' is put on you for examining every detail to be improved.

With this dummy suit, both client and master tailor could visualize the product and make according adjustments if needed. 

Handcrafted Premium Experience

Finally, the long-awaited stage. It is not just a suit but an art piece that you will receive. Come pick up and appreciate every single detail of our decent handcrafted garment.