Cotton mask available now!

People used to pair pocket square with business shirts in order to create a decent look. Nowadays, mask could be part of fashion too!

Using the same cloth for shirt & mask makes people feel more neat and consistent. Moreover, cotton mask is very breathable and comfortable, it also minimize the skin allergy. Cosmo Circle Tailor could even put on monogram on the mask for such personalized item.

Our master tailors use 3 layers of cloth & add a PM2.5 filter (which consists 5 layer of Melt-blown polymer, Nonwoven fabric and Activated Carbon fiber) for this 3D mask. The filter could be used for 70 hours. *Each mask will receive ONE free filter, or available for USD 10 / One pack (10 pcs).

Mask also available in waterproof cotton and denim. There are a few color options too! Contact us for more info. and order now. We wish you all safe & healthy!